Screening Libraries

Our HTS Compound Collection for biological high-throughput screening is distinguished as a scrupulous and expert selection of original small molecules. Over 525,000 novel drug-like screening molecules have been synthesized in-house using remarkably attractive and promising molecular scaffolds.

Rewarding highlights and selection tips:

When working on a phenotypic HTS drug discovery project…

Then, sure, our Phenotypic Screening Libraries, Lead-like Screening Compound Library, Pre-plated Diversity Sets, and Biologically Active Compound Library are ideal starting points for your whole-cell screening. Noteworthy, our Focused Screening Libraries contain small-molecule analogs of reported inhibitors and known drugs against various diseases.

If probing a specific protein target…

Simply choose the best suitable drug-like screening compounds in our diverse collection of Targeted Screening Libraries for the hit compound identification in the target-based drug discovery. To enjoy even more convenient terms and rapid delivery, take advantage of our Pre-plated Screening Libraries.

Specific selection requirements to be met? Your target can’t be found elsewhere?

Make the most of our Cheminformatics expertise in computer-aided drug design to obtain a custom-tailored screening set with in silico predicted affinity to your target protein.  

Needing appreciably wider chemical space?

Do explore our 2,500,000 Tangible Screening Compounds that have been designed applying exceptionally advanced drug-like scaffolds ready to be synthesized to the customer’s order. Employ our custom synthesis services to obtain compounds related to your hit structures, or make an optional use of scaffold hopping.

Please, contact us at for any additional information and price quotations.

Visit our Website for a detailed product description, or place an order online on our E-commerce website.

Download SD files with compound structures directly from our Downloads section. Please, refer to the page How to work with Structured D/ata Files (SDF files) for details.

Custom compound selection based on specific parameters can be performed on request, with competitive pricing and the most convenient terms provided.

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Assay-ready Pre-plated Focused Libraries and Pre-plated Diversity Sets are also available for your convenience.

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