Quality assured standards of Life Chemicals products and services are guaranteed by the application of up-to-date experimental and analytical equipment for organic synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, quality control and storage. Well-established production processes and excellent logistic system enable safe and on-time delivery of compounds.

Renovated Building

Life Chemicals has recently renovated its production site where over 2,000 m² of space and all modern facilities are available for advanced chemistry practice

There are more than 50 synthetic chemists working in our laboratories and units that are engaged in creating the entire scope of our products, ranging from HTS compounds to custom synthesis and early drug discovery projects.

Synthetic Labs

To perform most diverse and sophisticated synthetic procedures our chemists are provided with full sets of required equipment: Biotage® Microwave station, Paar® autoclaves, Photochemistry lab. In addition to the above, there are specialized facilities for handling highly toxic reagents. Our production capacities also include laboratories for complex multistep synthesis that can be carried out in milligram to kilogram scales.

The NMR Laboratory is equipped with three spectrometer consoles:
  • Varian® GEMINI 2000 400 MHZ with an Oxford Instruments superconducting magnet;
  • Varian® VXR-300 300 MHz;
  • Varian® Gemini 200 MHz;
  • Ready for ¹H, ¹³C, ¹⁹F, ²⁹Si, ³¹P measurements and advanced 2D NMR techniques, such as, COSY, NOESY, HMQC, HSQC, INADEQUATE, etc.
  • The Laboratory’s daily output amounts to 200+ ¹H NMR spectra.
Analytical Chromatography Lab
The Laboratory is certified according to ISO/IEC 1025:2006, with the following tools being available:
  • Agilent® 1200;
  • Agilent® 1100;
  • Over 10 types of columns;
  • Agilent® 5975C GC/MSD.
Variation of measurement parameters as per client’s requirements can be provided (e.g., wave-length of detector, mobile phase type). The Laboratory’s daily output is over 200 samples.

Preparative Chromatography Lab
This Laboratory carries on isolation of highly pure compounds in milligram and up to multi-hundred gram quantities by means of:
  • Shimadzu® LC-8A HPLC machine;
  • 2 Combi-Flash RF Teledyne® Isco units (direct/reverse phasecolumns).
It also performs preparative thin layer chromatography.

Analytical Lab
The Laboratory is well-equipped for comprehensive physico-chemical analysis, including:
  • Water determination by Karl Fischer Titration (Titroline KF SCHOTT Instruments);
  • Qualitative and quantitative determination of functional groups in organic compounds;
  • Qualitative and quantitative determination of salt form of organic compounds;
  • Quality control of solvents and inorganic compounds;
  • Measuring optical activity (POLAX-2L, ATAGO polarimeter);
  • Melting point verification (OptiMelt MPA100).