Production and Quality Control Facilities

Quality assured standards of Life Chemicals products and services are guaranteed by the application of up-to-date experimental and analytical equipment for organic synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, quality control, and storage. Well-established production processes and excellent logistic systems enable safe and on-time delivery of compounds. Please see the Quality Control page for the related services we offer.

Renovated Building

Life Chemicals has recently renovated its production site where over 2,000 m² of space and all modern facilities are available for advanced chemistry practice.

There are more than 50 synthetic chemists working in our laboratories and units that are engaged in creating the entire scope of our products, ranging from HTS compounds to custom synthesis and early drug discovery projects.

Synthetic Labs

To perform the most diverse and sophisticated synthetic procedures our chemists are provided with the full range of modern equipment:

  • Biotage® Microwave station
  • Paar® autoclaves
  • Photochemistry lab
  • Specialized facility for handling highly toxic reagents

Life Chemicals production capacities also include laboratories for complex multistep synthesis that can be carried out in milligram to multi-kilogram scales.


The NMR Laboratory is equipped with NMR spectrometer system Varian® VNMRS 400 MHz with an Oxford Instruments superconducting magnet, ready for ¹H, ¹⁹F, ¹³C, ³¹P measurements and advanced 2D NMR techniques, such as gradient COSY, NOESY, HMQC, HMBC, INADEQUATE, etc.

Analytical Lab
The Laboratory is thoroughly equipped for comprehensive chemical analysis, including:
  • SCHOTT Instruments ® Titroline KF for water determination by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration
  • ATAGO ® POLAX-2L polarimeter for optical rotation measurement
  • OptiMelt MPA100 for automatic determination of melting points and ranges
  • Spectrophotometer SHIMADZU for UV/Vis analysis (200-900 nm) and extinction coefficient measurement
Chromatographic Equipment
  • Agilent ® 1260 Infinity II with a diode-array detector (G4212B)
  • Agilent ® 1100 with variable wavelength detector, PDR-Chiral ® Advanced Laser Polarimeter (ALP), and Agilent 1200 Fraction Collector (G1364C)
  • Agilent ®1100/1200 with diode-array, fluorescent detector and Softa 1400 evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD)
  • Agilent ® G6140 and G1956 series Mass Spectrometers with ESI source.
  • НР 1090 with diode-array detector
  • High-throughput HPLC data processing and quantitation software OpenLab CSD C.1.07 SR3 and ChemStation B 04.03
  • 2 Shimadzu ® LC-8A HPLC machines with UV detector for preparative chromatography (direct/reverse phase)
  • 6 Combi-Flash RF Teledyne ® Isco units coupled with ELSD and UV detector (direct/reverse phase)
  • A large collection of chiral, analytical and semi-preparative direct/reverse phase HPLC columns
  • GC/MS system comprising Agilent ® 7820A GC system coupled with Single Quadrupole Mass Selective Detector (SQ-MSD) 5977B
  • Preparative Thin Layer Chromatography
Physicochemical Lab
Additional equipment is available for the investigation of physicochemical properties of compounds:
  • Perkin-Elmer® Victor 3 Microplate Reader, 1420 Multilabel Counter with Wallak software
  • Biotek® Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer with Gen5 software
  • High throughput sample preparation platform, including automatic Viaflo (Voyager) Integra/Thermo electronic pipettes, Merck Millipore filtering plates, microtiter plates
  • Thermo Scientific® -80°C Benchtop Freezer (ULT 185-5-V)
  • Genevac ® HT- 4X Series II Evaporation System
  • Agilent 6545A QTOF coupled with UHPLC Agilent Infinity 1260. Specifications
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