Targeted and Focused Screening Libraries

Applying various computational methods, such as molecular docking, pharmacophore modeling, similarity search and machine learning efficiently used in modern drug design, Life Chemicals has successfully created one of the most diverse and balanced collections of targeted and focused libraries on the market.

The Targeted Libraries comprise drug-like molecules with in silico predicted affinity to a target protein (or protein family), either by ligand-based or receptor-based approach, including established biological targets in various protein families: protein kinases, G-protein coupled receptors, ion channels, proteases, epigenetic targets, nuclear receptors, and many others.

Life Chemicals also provides Focused Libraries that are based on molecular fingerprint similarity to reference sets of known ligands, inhibitors and research compounds with demonstrated activity towards the target of interest retrieved from research literature and annotated compound databases (ligand-based approach). These include focused libraries of small-molecule compounds with potential biological activity towards certain diseases (such as Anticancer, Antiviral or Antibacterial screening libraries, etc.), as well as those having their specific applications (AgroChemical Libraries, CNS Targeted Library).

Shown below is the full list of targeted and focused sets available. For your inquiries and/or orders please, email us at All products included in these screening libraries and databases are available from stock, where any number of compounds can be selected or cherry-picked.

Life Chemicals ready-made libraries can be completed with selections of more specific character against a particular target under your investigation. In addition to that, in cases when any special requirements must be taken into account, please, send a request at

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