Why Customers Choose Life Chemicals: to Obtain Excellent Products and Services

    Our Features
  • Innovative, diverse scaffold-based libraries
  • Original compounds, synthesized in-house
  • First-rate quality and purity of products
  • Application of rigorous drug-likeness filters
  • Highly qualified and experienced team
  • Custom synthesis, CRO projects
  • Cheminformatics services
    Your Benefits
  • Fully integrated platform for drug discovery
  • Solutions for most challenging R&D tasks
  • Optimal physicochemical profile for drug discovery
  • Synthetic route scouting and validation
  • Guaranteed hit re-supply, product scale-up
  • Client oriented approach and flexibility
  • Prompt compound delivery for urgent projects

Main Facts and Figures

> 520,000
Screening compounds
Fragments for FBDD
> 100
Targeted & Focused Libraries

Building blocks in-stock
Novel original scaffolds
> 90 % purity
Confirmed by NMR and LCMS

> 60
Qualified synthetic chemists
> 25 years as medicinal chemistry CRO
> 2,500 m2
Production space

Innovative ideas

Efficient customer support

Competitive pricing

2021 Overview

> 2000 Customers

> 3,600 Orders

> 35 Countries

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