Terms and Conditions

Quotation and Request

  • Life Chemicals official quotations have a general validity of 30 days from their issue date, unless stated otherwise
  • The product stock is subject to availability, varying with sales ongoing on/after the date of quotation
  • Please, contact us directly at orders@lifechemicals.com to get additional information, send your structures, discuss your specific requirements, or place a purchase order
  • Compounds can be purchased via Life Chemicals online shop where their current availability and prices are conveniently shown
  • Product formatting and packaging information is available in the Formatting Options section

Delivery Terms

  • Lead time to process and deliver an order depends on its size and formatting requirements
  • Shipping charges are indicated in the confirmation of the Customer’s Purchase Order (PO), and their amount will be based on courier service tariffs
  • Additional charges for packaging, handling, or re-formatting may apply. Please, find more details in the Life Chemicals Formatting Options
  • Estimated delivery time of small selections of stock compounds (< 100 items) is 6-10 business days upon the confirmation of the Customer’s Purchase Order (PO)
  • A larger selection of up to 5,000 compounds will be dispatched within 1-3 weeks after the Customer’s Purchase Order is confirmed
  • In case of orders exceeding 5,000 compounds, their delivery schedule shall be agreed upon between Life Chemicals and the Customer
  • Upon dispatching the shipment, a Life Chemicals representative will notify the Customer of a courier tracking number, total number of shipped samples, number of boxes, and other relevant information for each particular shipment
  • INCOTERMS 2020 shall apply. Unless stated otherwise, shipment of compounds shall be FCA Kyiv via international courier service to a location specified by the Customer. Freight for FCA delivery shall be included in invoices. Any deviation from these INCOTERMS shall require an explicit written acceptance by Life Chemicals
  • An international shipment may be subject to import duties and taxes levied once it reaches the country of destination. The client is fully responsible for paying any taxes, customs duties, and/or associated charges for eventual customs clearance
  • DISCLAIMER: Chemical compounds sold by Life Chemicals, including those sold via its websites lifechemicals.com and shop.lifechemicals.com, are strictly for research purposes, any non-research use of compounds is prohibited at all times
  • The Customer takes full responsibility of complying with its national law and regulations applicable to ordered chemicals, including but not limited, to safe and environmentally friendly handling, storage, and disposal

Payment Terms

  • Payment is due within 30 days from the date of the invoice. Life Chemicals reserves the right to suspend or change credit terms at any time and at its own discretion
  • Overdue payments will bear interest calculated starting from the payment due date at 15 % per annum
  • The payment of the invoiced amount shall be made net of all bank charges
  • The Customer is responsible for all wire transfer fees and any other banking charges involved when paying the invoiced amount
  • The Customer shall reimburse Life Chemical for all NSF bank charges
  • Accepted payment methods are bank wire transfer or company cheque

Marketing Terms and Permissions

  • By registering on our websites, the Customer gives us a permission to process and store his/her information, as well as send emails with Life Chemicals commercial offers and customized online advertising (newsletters)
  • The Company shall not share the Customer’s information with third parties
  • Life Chemicals will use the contact information provided by the Customer only to be in touch with him/her and to provide marketing news and updates
  • The Customer can unsubscribe by clicking the link in the footer of our marketing newsletter emails at any time
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