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Life Chemicals is a well-known producer and supplier of HTS compounds and a premium provider of custom synthesis and computational chemistry services for pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical companies, universities and academic institutions across the globe.

Life Chemicals has associated and headquartered a family of R&D chemical companies, namely, I.F. Lab, Spoluka, Life Chemicals USA, Life Chemicals Europe, Life Chemicals China, to operate as an integral whole where every single company is focused on its individual range of products and services and, at the same time, all are motivated by achieving their common goal. The Company has also got a network of regional sales representatives.

In terms of this association Life Chemicals has performed sale, supply, customer support and coordination. Today, the Company is a fully integrated platform for early drug discovery, providing the complete range of contract research and manufacturing services. Our broadly recognized expertise in organic chemistry and ever-growing synthetic and analytical capacities have allowed us to successfully carry out complex forefront tasks in custom synthesis of drug-like compounds and advanced building blocks in quantities, ranging from multi-gram to multi-kilogram, as well as provide innovative design and synthesis of combinatorial libraries, route scouting and product scale-up.

Life Chemicals proficiency in computational chemistry and employment of versatile in silico techniques, such as similarity and pharmacophore search, molecular descriptor analysis, molecular docking, virtual screening and protein modeling, has enabled pioneering design of in-house fragment collections, targeted and focused libraries and customized sets of compounds.

A comprehensive understanding of drug discovery process, with computer-assisted approaches today being its indispensable part, as well as our knowledge of medicinal chemistry and solid scientific background sustained by modern production facilities, have created a profound basis and infrastructure to offer efficient solutions for R&D programs of our customers, covering hit-to-lead and lead optimization, improvement of drug potency, selectivity and ADMET properties, development of QSAR models and medicinal chemistry design.

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Custom compound selection based on specific parameters can be performed on request, with competitive pricing and the most convenient terms provided.

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