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Building Blocks

Life Chemicals performs the design and synthesis of advanced chemical building blocks: small molecules (scaffolds, chemical intermediates, and fine reagents) bearing various reactive functional groups that allow introducing certain structural motifs into the desired final products.

Their structures are mostly based on rare chemotypes with favorable physicochemical parameters, thus being excellent decorators in the combinatorial synthesis of compound libraries and promising reagents for medicinal chemistry and drug design.

Our proprietary collection currently comprises more than 63,000 building blocks, including 13,000 in-stock compounds in multigram quantities.

Examples of offered chemical classes include:

Over 50,000 tangible molecules can be synthesized within a 3-6 week timeframe, employing our in-house validated synthetic procedures. Compound re-synthesis and scale-up (up to 50 kg) are provided on request.

All our building blocks undergo quality control to elucidate their chemical structures and guarantee their purity of > 95 %, confirmed with 400MHz NMR and/or LCMS.

Explore and purchase our building blocks via our online shop! There you can check compound availability, current prices and lead time information. The compounds can be searched by CAS, catalog number, substructure or similarity.

Feel free to contact us directly at to get additional information, discuss your specific requirements, request our analogue search service or place a purchase order.

New and Selected Building Blocks

Alcohols, thiols

Amines: primary and secondary

Aldehydes, ketones

Carboxylic acids, amino acids, boronic acids and their esters

Sulphonyl and acyl halides

Alkyl and aryl halides

Fluorinated compounds

Alkynes, nitriles, isocyanates, azides

Bicyclic compounds: spiro, fused, bridged

Small carbo- and hetero-cycles: cyclopropanes, cyclobutanes, epoxides, azetidines, oxetanes

Functionalized saturated heterocycles: piperidines, morpholines, piperazines, pyrrolidines, tetrahydrofurans, tetrahydropyrans, etc.

Functionalized aromatic heterocycles: pyridines, diazines (pyrazines, pyrimidines, pyridazine), pyrazoles, azoles (imidazoles, oxazoles, thiazoles, triazoles), etc.

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