Building Blocks

Life Chemicals offers its proprietary collection of advanced building blocks, low weight molecules bearing reactive functional groups that allow introducing certain structural motifs into the substrates, as well as its special catalogue of fine reagents.

The full database comprises about 62,000 building blocks, including 11,000 stock available items and over 50,000 tangible compounds that can be synthesized within 3-6 weeks timeframe, using our in-house validated synthetic procedures.

Life Chemicals building block structures are mostly based on rare chemotypes with favorable physicochemical parameters, thus being excellent decorators in combinatorial synthesis of compound libraries and promising reagents for drug design. These novel compounds are stock available in multigram quantities. Their purity of more than 95 % is confirmed with 400MHz NMR and/or LCMS. Re-synthesis and scale-up in weights up to 50 kg can be provided.