Pre-plated Fragment Screening Sets

Life Chemicals offers several Fragment Screening Sets as convenient and efficient starting point for fragment-based approach to drug discovery (FBDD) projects.

Please, contact us at for any additional information and price quotations.

Key features

  • Novel fragment-like screening compounds synthesized in-house
  • Ideal for fragment-based lead generation
  • Several formatting options available in 384- or 96-well microplates
  • Competitive pricing and convenient terms
  • Application of rigorous drug-likeness filters
  • Assured ≥ 90 % purity confirmed by LCMS and/or NMR data
  • Guaranteed hit re-supply, product scale-up
  • Compound library design and combinatorial synthesis based on found hits


  • 384-well PP-masterblocks, Greiner bio-one ref: 781280 or 784201, V-bottom microtiter plate
  • 96-well PP-masterblocks, Greiner bio-one ref: 780215, U-bottom 1.0 ml microplate capped with capmats, Greiner bio-one ref.# 381070
  • 96-well plates, Matrix cat.# 4247, racked round-bottom tubes, 1.4 ml capped tubes with cap-strips cat.#4413 or cap-mats cat.# 4430

Pre-plated Fragment Diversity Sets

Novel Fragment Diversity Subsets of 1,280, 960 and 320 drug-like fragments with experimentally assured solubility at 200 mM in the DMSO solution. The sets are efficient starting kits for FBDD research projects.

These diversity sets are fully customizable and can be delivered in any concentration and volume (for example, concentration 50/100/150/200 mM and solution volume 10/20/50/100 uL).

 Download the full list of compounds (SD File) here.

For a detailed description and other formatting options, please, refer to the full Fragment Diversity Subsets with Experimental Solubility.

Pre-plated Soluble Fluorine-containing Fragment Set

1,350 fluorine-containing fragments with experimentally assured solubility at 200 mM in the DMSO solution. This screening compound collection can be used as readily-available fluorine fragment cocktails for FBDD research projects.

 Download the full list of compounds (SD File) here.

Catalog ID








10 mM DMSO-d6 solution

25/50/100 uL


96-well microplate, 80 compounds per plate; 1, 12 columns empty

For details about solubility measurements in DMSO and PBS as well as more fluorinated fragment-like compounds, refer to our collection of related products:

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