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Tangible Screening Compounds

The rising over the past decade popularity of synthetically-feasible virtual screening compound libraries for drug discovery has stimulated the radical increase of the Life Chemicals virtual molecule database to facilitate the development of new drugs for those exploring the vastness of the chemical universe.

Thus, presented here is a collection of viable screening compounds that can open up boundless horizons for users of virtual libraries and discoverers of new products. Starting with some 2,500,000 novel molecules to be synthesized to customers’ orders, Life Chemicals is launching its original and creative database, the Collection of Tangible Screening Compounds, designed on the basis of promising drug-like scaffolds, scrupulously selected building blocks, and advanced cheminformatics approaches.

This database has brought together intelligent and original compounds to be feasibly obtained by well-proven synthetical procedures. Quantitatively, our Collection of Tangible Screening Compounds is not the biggest one, however, in terms of chemical diversity and quality it is unlimited and most drug-discovery oriented.

The Collection is dynamically growing to provide access to unique chemical entities that can demonstrate their potential in the fight against various diseases challenging today’s world.

Key features

  • Prompt and efficient synthesis
  • Synthetic viability of over 75 %
  • Chemical procedures developed in-house and validated in situ
  • Highest quality reagents and building blocks, both our own and commercial
  • Maximal structural diversity covering the broadest chemical space
  • Shortest lead-time and most customer-friendly terms

Being in vivid market demand, the Collection of Tangible Screening Compounds synthesizable by Life Chemicals team of highly qualified chemists, can in practice bring to life myriads of genuine chemical entities.

Tangible products from Life Chemicals will not only expand the dimensions of your chemistry, but they will drug discoverers enable drug-discoverers to take the best advantage of our competitive prices calculated proceeding from synthesis complexity, number of reaction steps, type of purification and handling, etc.

Please, contact us at for more details, your specific requirements, and price quotations

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Physicochemical value distributions of the Collection of Tangible Screening Compounds by Life Chemicals.

Figure 1. Physicochemical value distributions of the Collection of Tangible Screening Compounds by Life Chemicals.

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