Custom Synthesis

Life Chemicals has always persistently strived for creating excellent products and providing its customers with first-rank and flexible services. To meet most diverse outsourcing needs of life science research organizations and commercial enterprises worldwide we have successfully fulfilled custom synthesis projects for a good number of pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical companies in terms of both fixed priced and FTE approaches. Taking best advantage of its professional expertise and years of good experience, Life Chemicals can offer the following custom synthesis services:

  • Building blocks
  • Reference compounds and potential impurities
  • Metabolites
  • New chemical entities and analogs for hit-to-lead development
  • Peptidomimetics
  • Drug-like compounds
  • Route-scouting and scale-up
  • Reaction and process optimization
  • Catalyst screening
  • Characterization of physical and chemical properties
Synthesis of Compound Libraries
  • Libraries based on scaffolds of Life Chemicals
  • Libraries based on scaffolds of the customer
  • Custom targeted libraries
  • Diversity libraries
Early Drug Discovery
  • Hit optimization
  • Hit-to-lead
  • Lead optimization

Our researchers work in various fields of modern organic chemistry, specializing, in particular, in heterocyclic and element organic chemistry. Up-to-date equipment and professional skills of our chemists ensure most advanced chemistry practice:

  • Handling gaseous reagents, including selective catalytic hydrogenation
  • Fluorination with CF₃CHN₂, SF₄/HF, SbF₃, DAST, Morph- DAST, Deoxo-Fluor, CF₃I, Halothane, Freon-113
  • Microwave-assisted synthesis
  • Asymmetric synthesis, involving chiral auxiliary groups, chiral homogeneous catalysts, separation of racemates
  • Multigram scale photochemistry
  • Handling flammable reducing agents: LAH, DIBAL, AlH₃, Vitride, L-Selectride, Super-Hydride, BH₃, LiHMDS, n-BuLi, sec-BuLi, t-BuLi, MeLi, LDA, LTMP
  • Use of toxic metalorganic reagents (Mg, Zn, Cd, Hg, Sn, Bi)
  • Chemistry in liquid ammonia
Custom Synthesis Request

Is the compound of your interest not present in our Product Catalogue or is the available quantity insufficient for your needs? Please, send your request for custom synthesis to and we will be happy to provide you with the best offer!

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