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HTS Compound Collection

The Life Chemicals Collection of small organic molecules for high-throughput screening currently contains over 510,000 original drug-like compounds available in-stock.

Significantly expanding our chemical domain is a Collection of Tangible Screening Compounds that includes more than 2,500,000 virtual structures to be readily synthesized through in-house developed and validated synthetic procedures (feasibility over 75 %).

The Collection as a whole is being permanently replenished with structurally-diverse screening compounds that cover broad chemical space and possess optimal physicochemical properties for medicinal chemistry and drug discovery projects. To enhance it, lead-oriented synthesis principles together with a scaffold-based approach for the design of new molecules are applied. The Collection genesis is depicted in Fig. 1.

The average physicochemical values and their relative distribution are reported in Fig. 2. All products undergo rigorous quality control to guarantee their purity of > 90 % as elucidated with 400MHz NMR and/or LCMS.

Shortest lead-time and most customer-friendly terms are guaranteed. Please, contact us at for any details, specific requirements, and price quotations.

General preparation workflow of the Life Chemicals HTS Compound Collection

Figure 1. General preparation workflow of the Life Chemicals HTS Compound Collection.

Explore also our novel Fragment Libraries and Targeted and Focused Screening Libraries, carefully designed for various research areas!

Compound selection is highly customizable, with cherry-picking being easily available. We also offer custom synthesis of individual compounds, as well as compound libraries based on proprietary scaffold collection or customer’s parameters.

Life Chemicals products and services are distinguished by their state-of-the-art standards and professionally recognized advantages to make them the most beneficial outsourcing opportunities for your R&D projects. Read more about our Key Features and Benefits.

Physicochemical value distributions of the HTS Compound Collection.

Physicochemical value distributions of the HTS Compound Collection

Figure 2. Physicochemical value distributions of the HTS Compound Collection.

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