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HTS Compounds Collection

Life Chemicals Collection of small organic molecules for high-throughput screening currently contains about 1,000,000 compounds, including more than 500,000 off-the-shelf products. Our Collection is being permanently replenished with de novo designed products having optimal physicochemical parameters for drug discovery.

The Collection also includes a Tangible Database to cover around 510,000 tangible structures readily available through in-house developed and validated synthetic procedures, with their feasibility being over 90 %.

Compound Collection Genesis

To design new compounds we use scaffold-based approach with subsequent filtering by rigorous criteria, that allows us to enhance our collection by every single compound submitted to stock. Quality of the products is controlled by NMR and GC/LCMS analyses, purity is at least 90% backed with corresponding NMR and/or LC/GCMS data. Thus, all items in our Collection can be distinguished as original, most carefully selected, diverse, well-characterized and pure, lead-like and drug-like new molecules representing wide chemical space.

Our HTS compounds collection is mainly built around 2,900 original scaffolds. The scaffolds can further be decorated to meet various requirements and the customer’s specifications (for more information please visit Custom Synthesis).


The diagrams below reflect summarized parameters of our stock compounds obtained over the last 5 years in the framework of the Compound Collection Genesis program:

Distribution over MW
Distribution over logP
Distribution over RotB
Distribution over Fsp3

Key Features and Benefits

Our collections and services are distinguished by their state-of-the-art qualities and remarkable advantages to make them most beneficial products for your outsourcing. Illustrated below are some of them:

Life Chemicals Products Features
Highly qualified and experienced team
De novo design and synthesis of unique compounds
Rigorous drug-likeness standards: Lipinski's "Rule of Five", Veber criteria, dissimilarity evaluation, etc.
Over 90 % purity confirmed by NMR and LCMC
Minimum 75 mg available off-the-shelf
Validated synthetic routes available
Your Benefits
Solution of most challenging tasks
Original and diverse chemical entities
Optimal physicochemical properties for drug discovery purposes

First-rate quality and well characterized compounds
Immediate delivery of compounds for urgent projects
Guaranteed re-supply and prompt scale-up