Early Drug Discovery Services

The entire toolbox of Life Chemicals products and services provides most efficient mechanisms to open up boundless horizons of drug discovery endeavor for its customers to test and implement their daring ideas.

Entering the very first stage of your search for an appropriate product candidate by scrutinizing our HTS libraries, you can take all advantages of stock and tangible structures, chemoinformatics, medicinal chemistry design, as well as any services presented below to get compounds completely ready for screening and hit follow-up:

HTS Compound Collection

MedChem Design and Synthesis

  • Most up-to-date MedChem know-how
  • Over 20 years’ experience in BigPharma research projects
  • Custom Synthesis of building blocks and intermediates
  • Lead-oriented scaffold-based screening libraries
  • In-house and customized library design
  • Hit-to-lead and lead optimization, SAR
  • Scaffold hopping, introduction of conformational restrictions
  • Bioisosteric replacement, peptidomimetics
  • 11,000 off-the-shelf Building Blocks
  • 500,000 virtual structures to be readily synthesized through
    in-house developed and validated synthetic procedures
  • More than 50 experienced synthetic chemists
  • Customizable quality assurance services
  • In Vitro ADMET Tests

Chemoinformatic Services

  • Computer-aided molecular design:
    • Virtual screening by docking
    • Pharmacophore, shape and similarity-based search
    • Machine learning, clustering
  • Physicochemical properties calculations
  • ADMET prediction
  • QSAR, diversity search
  • Molecular dynamics simulation
  • Structural bioinformatics
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