Promotional materials

Life Chemicals corporate logo

Here you can download our corporate logo to be placed on the event’s website, scientific program, newsletter, etc. for promotional purposes.

Please don't forget to meet our minimum size requirements whether you're using the logo online or in a printed format. Print (up to A4): min 25 mm wide; screen: min 100 px wide. Please scale the logo proportionally, keeping the margins.

Raster logo in JPG. RGB color space (for screens) JPG
Raster logo in PNG. RGB color space (for screens) PNG
Vector logo in PDF. RGB color space (for screens) PDF
Vector logo in PDF. CMYK color space (for printing) PDF

Our stacked logo is the preferred logo for the digital media. If you need any additional information, another type of logo, or a file in a specific format, please contact us via email

Life Chemicals brochures

On this page you can download brochures and leaflets of our family of R&D chemical companies to get an overview of our products and services at a glance. Our best R&D solutions are designed around you!

Life Chemicals Inc. - Integrated platform for drug discovery (brochure) PDF
Life Chemicals - Brief company description (leaflet) PDF
Epigenetics screening libraries by Life Chemicals (brochure) PDF
Fragment libraries for your FBDD by Life Chemicals (brochure) PDF
PPI screening compound libraries by Life Chemicals (brochure) PDF
Key Preclinicals - Brief company description (leaflet) PDF
ADMET tests performed by Key Preclinicals, a part of Life Chemicals (leaflet) PDF

For any queries or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email