Chemistry of Partnership

Life Chemicals, a fully integrated platform for early-stage drug discovery, has developed and implemented a remarkably successful international program on multitask collaboration with pharmaceutical, biotech, and agrochemical companies, as well as universities, research centers, academic, and government institutions.

With a strong focus on innovation, our over 25-year experience in fine organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry enables us to provide efficient solutions to the hardest R & D challenges.

Being primarily future-oriented in all its activities, Life Chemicals supports research endeavors of drug-discoverers not only with its products and services, but also with its wide sponsoring international scientific events devoted to medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, and related fields.

We will be happy to give prompt feedback to your inquiries and collaboration proposals, developing mutually beneficial business terms, research initiatives, as well as participating in common open science projects or grant programs (such as HORIZON 2020). 

Please, feel free to contact us at to frame your ideas so that we can work out optimal collaboration approaches.

For over 25 years, our multidisciplinary scientific team offers highly innovative and cost-efficient early drug discovery services and technologies to our pharma customers.

Outstanding academic research often benefits from excellent synthetic capacities available in an industrial setting - we have been closing the gap with our scientific know-how.

Biotech specialists simply concentrate on their R & D tasks, while our experienced chemists take care of all related synthetic chemistry challenges and offer efficient out-of-the-box solutions

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