Fragment Libraries

The fragment-based approach to drug discovery (FBDD) has been established as an efficient tool in the search for new drugs. It has emerged as an alternative approach to traditional lead identification via high-throughput screening (HTS). Unlike HTS, FBDD identifies smaller compounds, the “fragments,” which bind to different parts of a biological target.

FBDD has several advantages over HTS. The primary rationale for fragment-based screening is that the identified hits give access to a broader chemical space while screening a limited number of compounds. FBDD gives a better chance for the final lead compound to have standard drug-likeness parameters. Moreover, the likelihood of identifying a compound that is a perfect match for the intended target’s binding site is too slight to rely on because a multitude of interactions between the ligand and amino acid residues in the active site are often involved. On the other hand, there are simpler molecules (fragments) with fewer unavoidable interactions and, thus, a much better possibility of orienting within the binding site favorably.

In response to this evident trend in drug discovery, Life Chemicals has designed its proprietary Fragment Collection containing nearly 60,000 small-molecule compounds available in stock, including a selection of unique fragment subsets given below:


All the fragment libraries are highly customizable on request. One can cherry-pick compounds, select quantities, format (dry/solid or DMSO solution), and compound concentration to meet any specific requirements.

The detailed information on fragment selection rules and relevant references are provided in the description to each Fragment Library.

Please, contact us at for any additional information and price quotations.

Explore also our Pre-plated Fragment Screening Sets.

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