Formatting Options

Key features

  • Compounds are available as dry powders or DMSO solutions, both mg or μmol amounts

  • Several standard packing and formatting options are offered. Delivery in vials or plates of the Customer’s choice is available on request

  • Life Chemicals has a USA-based automated liquid handling lab for preparation of plated compound sets

  • A constantly-growing collection of Pre-plated Screening Compound Sets based on Life Chemicals best-selling screening compound libraries is also offered

  • Barcoding and labeling can be performed based on the customer’s requirements

  • A standard SD file with compound information and position is provided with each order. Please refer to the page How to work with Structured Data Files (SDF files) for more details.

  • Life Chemicals conducts regular quality control of all offered compounds. An assured purity of ≥ 90 % for screening compounds and ≥ 95 % for building blocks (as confirmed by LCMS and/or 400MHz NMR data) is guaranteed, unless specifically discussed and agreed upon with the customer.  Please, find more details in Life Chemicals Quality Control

  • Life Chemicals provides various quality control and cheminformatic services, as well as a free analog search upon request



Compounds can be delivered in one of the following packaging formats:

  • Standard 4ml, 15mm*45mm, amber borosilicate glass vials, Shamrock cat.# 6-01BA or Kimble cat.# 60920D-1 or similar with rubber-lined plastic screw caps, Shamrock cat.# 6-02B 13-425 or Kimble cat.# 73802-13425 or similar 

  • 96-well plates, Matrix cat.# 4247, racked round-bottom tubes, 1.4 ml capped tubes with cap-strips cat.#4413 or cap-mats cat.# 4430 

  • 96-well PP-masterblocks, Greiner bio-one ref: 780215, U-bottom 1.0 ml microplate capped with capmats, Greiner bio-one ref.# 381070 

  • 96-well PP-masterblocks, Thermo Scientific Nunc ref: 260252, 1.0ml microplate capped with cap-mats, Nunc# 276002 (or similar) 

  • 384-well PP-masterblocks, Greiner bio-one ref: 781280 or 784201, V-bottom microtiter plate 

  • NOTE: compounds in liquid/oil physical state cannot be weighed in masterblocks/microplates

  • Building blocks can be delivered in several vial types with the most suitable packaging chosen to ensure safe transport and storage

  • Compounds can be delivered in any other vials or plates of the Customer’s choice. Containers can be provided by the Customer himself or purchased by Life Chemicals according to the Customer’s guidelines. In the latter case, the cost of containers will be included in the total shipping price 

  • Vials are packed in standard carton boxes. The map of their location in a box is enclosed 

  • If a small number of compounds is shipped in vials, they are packed first in blister and then in standard carton boxes

  • Weighing accuracy in mini tube racks is +/- 0.1 mg

  • A large number of compounds will be packed with plastic foam, bar-coded and labeled according to the Customer’s requirements. Each box in the shipment will be labeled with Life Chemicals and Customer’s addresses and proper handling marks (TOP, BOTTOM, FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE) 


Labeling and datafiles

  • Packing lists are available for all shipments of any format 

  • An ISIS Compatible SD (Structural Data) file is provided with each order. It includes Life Chemicals catalog ID number, 2D chemical structure of a compound, exact quantity, position of the compound in a box (for vials) or in a plate (for tubes in plates) 

  • Electronic copies of NMR or LC-MS spectra are available upon request 


Additional charges

  • In case Life Chemicals purchases specific vials or plates according to the Customer’s guidelines, the cost of containers will be included in the total cost of shipment 

  • If the Customer decides to use a standard masterblock Nunc/Greiner microplate of Life Chemicals, we will charge the additional cost: USD 10 / EUR 10 per microplate for the orders of less than 50 compounds 

  • If the Customer decides to use a standard Matrix cat.# 4247 plate of Life Chemicals, we will charge the additional cost of the plate USD 42 / EUR 42 per plate for all orders 

  • Compound handling (such as dissolution in DMSO, splitting in several vials, plate reformatting, etc.) is a subject of additional handling fees, indicated in the official quote and in the confirmation of the Customer’s Purchase Order (PO)

Please, contact us at for any additional information and price quotations.

Find more details in the Life Chemicals Terms and Conditions, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Quality Control

Visit our Website for a detailed product description, or place an order online on our E-commerce website

Download SD files with compound structures directly in our Downloads section

Custom compound selection based on specific parameters can be performed on request, with competitive pricing and the most convenient terms provided.

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