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I do not have an account, can I still place an online order?

You need to be registered to place an order through our e-commerce website. Please, go to the ‘Login/Sign Up’ Tab on our site header and create your profile. Upon doing so, you can submit an order or a compound request.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Please, use our password reset option. You can reset your password following this link, where you will need to enter your email in the form provided.

What should I do if I do not manage to restore my password, using the password reset form?

Please contact us at, and we will provide you with a temporary password.

I could not finish registration or activate my account after filling out the registration form. Is something wrong with my registration data?

If you are unable to complete your registration, there could be several reasons:

  • There are several obligatory fields marked with “*”, please, enter this information to proceed with the registration.
  • Please, make sure that you entered a valid and accessible email address, as an automatic email with the activation link will be sent to it.
  • Please double-check that you have not mismatched field type, i.e. street address entered into the phone number field.

How do I change my shipping or billing address?

You can enter or modify your addresses during order check-out. To make permanent changes to your shipping and/or billing address information, please, enter your account page and change the necessary details. You can start with a billing address then add your shipping address (please, press the corresponding button).

How can I get news on Life Chemicals products? Do you send newsletters?

Visit our website main page to see the recently updated and new libraries in our “Featured products”, read the latest news, or subscribe to our newsletter. You can also subscribe to our newsletter using this link. We send a newsletter with the latest product updates and important news every 2-3 weeks.

Product Search and Download in Online eShop

Is it possible to search your compound database by chemical structure?

Yes, there are options to make an exact search or search by substructure or similarity. Please, draw your desired structure or its fragment in the chemical editor. Alternatively, you can use the option “Draw from Identifier” where the system will draw the structure based on entered SMILES, ID, or CAS number. The search can be refined by other parameters inserted in the corresponding fields.

I would like to find analogs similar to my reference compound catalog. How can I do this?

Draw or copy-paste your reference structure in the chemical editor or enter its ID, SMILES, or CAS number. Then choose “Similarity search” at the top of the page. Adjust the desired similarity threshold with the slider (Tanimoto index from 50 to 99%, where 100% represents the identical structure).

Alternatively, you can email us at and our cheminformatics team will promptly provide you with a selection of the most relevant analog compounds from our proprietary collection.

Can I apply several search parameters simultaneously?

Yes, values from all filled-out fields are considered together when the system performs the search.

Can I search for a list of compounds?

Yes, please choose “List search” on our e-commerce website and then paste a list of IDs/SMILES/CAS numbers or upload a *.sdf or *.mol file with the list.

I have found several compounds that I would like to acquire. Can I put all of them in the shopping cart at once?

Yes, after performing a search at our e-commerce website, you can add all items found by pressing the button “All to cart” and indicating the desired quantity.

Can I see the compounds that are currently out-of-stock or virtual?

Please turn off the switch “Only stock” when performing the compound search at our e-commerce website to obtain information on all compounds, both in stock and not.

What can I do if I want to order a bigger amount of a compound than what is shown to be available in stock?

You can indicate the desired amount of the compound and proceed with the procedure. The order inquiry will be placed, and our managers will contact you with details on the compound resynthesis possibility and conditions.

Is there a way to share my search results with somebody?

To share your search results, please, click the button “Share link” to generate a unique link that you can send via email/chat. Alternatively, you can download *.xls or *.sdf files that will contain all the results found. Please, log in or register on our website to access these features.

Can I download the search results or my shopping cart content?

Open your Shopping Cart and in the section “Selected products” you can download *.xls or *.sdf files that will contain all the compounds in your shopping cart. Please, log in or register on our website to access this feature.

Can I bulk-edit all compounds in my shopping cart to order an equal amount of them?

Yes, there is an option “Bulk edit” in the shopping cart. Moreover, by pressing “Bulk-edit alerts”, you can manage separately the compounds that are not in stock in the requested quantity.

How can I download your catalog of screening libraries?

All registered users can download any screening compound library from its description page or the Downloads section on our website. Please, log in or register on the website to access this feature.

Inquiries and Quotations

I would like to receive more information about your product or make a specific request/inquiry. How can I contact you?

You can email any customized requests and inquiries directly to our support team at

Do you provide an official compound quote?

Yes, we provide official quotations on a headed paper with all necessary details.

How long does it take to obtain your response?

Usually, we provide a response to quotations, orders, and requests within 1-3 workdays.

If there is not enough compound in the stock, do you provide re-synthesis options? How can I find out its cost?

Typically, our chemists can re-synthesize the majority of offered compounds. Please, contact our support team at, and they will provide details on pricing and timing. Re-synthesis terms depend on the total number of synthetic steps, their complexity, and the costs of starting materials.

Is there any minimum order amount for your products?

All our compounds are weighed manually. Therefore, to assure high weight accuracy, the minimum possible amount is 1 mg or 2 umol.

Which compound formatting and packaging do you offer?

Compounds are available as dry powders or DMSO solutions, both mg or μmol amounts. Several standard packing and formatting options are offered. Please, go to our Formatting Options page for more details.

What is your discount policy?

In general, for bigger orders, discounts and special prices are offered. So, when ordering more compounds, you will take advantage of lower price quotations.

Please, contact our sales managers or the customer support team at to negotiate particular terms.

Ordering and Payment

What information is to be provided to place an order?

Minimum information is required: purchase order reference number (PO #), billing and shipping addresses (with contact phone and email); the list of compounds with amounts and prices indicated; any special requirements, if relevant. Please, contact our customer support team at for any details.

Can I send my purchase order instead of paying with a credit card?

Yes, you can email your purchase order directly to our customer support team at for timely processing. Please use the same email address for any customized requests and inquiries.

What charges are included in the final amount to be paid?

The invoice to be paid covers the cost of compounds and shipping expenses according to courier services tariffs unless specified otherwise. Additional charges for special packaging, handling, or re-formatting may apply. Please, find more details in Life ChemicalsFormatting Options or contact our support team at to discuss any particular terms.

Where can I find more info on your payment terms?

All payment terms are described in the Terms and Conditions section. For any invoice or finance-related questions, please, contact our Finance Department at

What are the preferred payment methods?

Payments on our e-commerce website are made via bank wire transfer. Purchase orders as per our invoices are paid via bank wire transfers or company checks.

Is an up-front payment required?

Usually, when a purchase order is placed no advance payment is necessary. Payment of the original invoice must be made within 30 days upon its receipt.

Shipping and Delivery

Can shipping and billing addresses be different?

Yes, at the order check-out or on your account page instead of selecting the option “Billing address: Use the same as shipping address” simply provide new billing address details.

How long does it typically take to deliver your products?

Small selections of compounds available in the stock (< 100 items) are delivered within 2-3 weeks upon confirmation of the Customer’s Purchase Order (PO). Any larger selection of compounds will be shipped within 1-3 weeks after the Customer’s Purchase Order is confirmed. In case of orders exceeding 5,000 compounds, their delivery schedule shall be mutually agreed upon between Life Chemicals and the Customer.

Can compounds be shipped by batches?

If compounds are requested to be shipped by batches, shipping charges are per batch, as will be indicated in the confirmation of the Customer’s Purchase Order (PO). At the order check-out on our e-commerce website, you can indicate your shipping address to get accurate shipping costs.

Can I use my company’s shipping service account?

Yes, for FexEx or DHL we can use the shipping service account ID indicated by you in PO or at the order check-out on our e-commerce website. In this case, additional shipping charges won’t be added.

Compound Data

How can I open .sdf files?

There are different programs that allow working with SD files (*.sdf), including open-source and cross-platform. Please, refer to the page How to work with SD files for more details.

If you continue to have troubles with this file format, please contact us at, and we will provide you with the data in a different format (such as Excel, PDF, etc.).

Which compound formatting do you offer?

By default, all our compounds are stored and sold as solids (powders or oils). Compounds are weighted manually in vials (for Building Blocks) or 96-well plates (Screening Compounds). We can prepare solutions in DMSO in different concentrations as well. In this case, 384-well plates can also be provided, however, 96-well solution preparation is first requested followed by the re-formatting at additional cost.

Several selected screening libraries are offered in pre-plated format (384- and 96-well plates, various DMSO concentrations and volumes), ready for a swift delivery worldwide.

For more details, see Formatting Options or contact us at

Can I save the order summary and a list of compounds that I have ordered?

Yes. Please, login, then go to your profile page in the section “Orders”. There you can download the receipt with the summary in pdf, as well as the full list of compounds as an SDF or Excel file.

What is the purity of your compounds?

We guarantee over 90 % purity for all stock compounds, as confirmed by LCMS and/or 400MHz NMR data. In practice, for many compounds, including building blocks, the actual purity is even higher (over 95 %).

Can I obtain compound purity data or spectra?

Yes, electronic copies of NMR or LC-MS spectra are available upon request. Please contact for your inquiries.

I need additional data for ordered compounds due to corporate system registration rules/etc. Could you provide this data?

Please specify additional requirements to supplemental data in the comment section of your PO or E-shop Order Checkout page, and we will do our best to provide the required information.

How often do you update information on your stock compounds?

Information on our stock HTS Compound Collection is updated monthly with current stock availability and the addition of newly synthesized compounds.

You can also see the real-time stock availability for any compound on our e-commerce website.

What is the compound weighing accuracy?

Weighing accuracy in mini tube racks is +/- 0.1 mg. For more details, see Formatting Options or contact us at

Contract Research Services

Do you provide any additional quality assurance services?

Yes, we provide additional customizable Quality Assurance services (such as solubility testing, qualitative and quantitative determination of functional groups, etc.) on request. Please, contact us at for details.

Do you offer custom synthesis services?

Yes, as a CRO, Life Chemicals provides custom synthesis of both individual compounds and screening libraries in terms of contracted prices and FTE. For more details, please see Custom Synthesis or contact us at

Do you provide compound scale-up services?

Yes, we provide scale-up up to 50 kg. For more details, please see Custom Synthesis or contact us at

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