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How to Find Reactive Screening Compounds in the eShop

Screening of large compound collections remains one of the most common methods for identifying novel hit and lead compounds in the search for new drugs. Often, medicinal chemistry and drug design efforts require the testing of screening compounds that contain specific moieties in their structure.

At Life Chemicals, we offer a proprietary collection of Covalent Inhibitor Libraries that include over 34,000 potential covalent binders having reactive functional groups (covalent warheads) in their structure :

Life Chemicals’ state-of-the-art synthetic capacities and advanced chemistry enable us to add over 25,000 novel organic molecules to our product catalog annually. All compounds are synthesized in-house and their current in-stock availability is constantly growing. Therefore, to conveniently obtain the most-updated information on compound availability at our e-commerce website, the customers are kindly invited to use the links related to each compound family.

For a specific protein drug target, please, feel free to contact us and our molecular design team will be happy to assist you in structure optimization of potential irreversible binders, as well as in performing virtual covalent docking.

Our best R & D solutions are designed for you and around you!

Please, contact us at for any additional information and price quotations.

Explore and purchase screening compounds and building blocks via our E-commerce website.

You can cherry-pick compounds or focus on a specific class of covalent-binding molecules. Any custom selection of compounds by specified parameters can be provided on requests.

Furthermore, a great advantage can be taken of our related products:

Screening compound classes based on a reactive moiety

Please click on the compound class name to perform a search on our e-shop. The result with the most updated compound availability will be shown. You can download the search results and order compounds after the website login/registration.

Acetylenes: over 2,500 compounds, terminal acetylenes: over 1,100 compounds

Acrylamides: over 13,000 compounds

Alcohols primary: over 6,500 compounds

Aldehydes: over 500 compounds

Amines primary: over 1,100 compounds

Amines secondary: over 400 compounds


Boronic acids and esters: over 50 compounds

2-Chloroacetamides: over 200 compounds

Cyclobutanes: over 3,000 compounds

Cyclopropanes: over 22,000 compounds

Ketones: over 20,000 compounds

Nitriles: over 17,000 compounds

Thioles: over 600 compounds

Thiocyanates, isothiocyanates: over 50 compounds in total

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