25 Years of Commitment to Chemistry of Discovery!

Life Chemicals story successfully began when Dr. Volodymyr Fetyukhin, the Company President and Owner, started his business in medicinal chemistry in 1995. A small research and development site, I.F. Lab, launched in Kyiv, Ukraine, made its first steps on the international market 25 years ago and laid a bedrock of today’s Life Chemicals Family, associating its younger members: Spoluka, Life Chemicals Europe, Life Chemicals USA, Life Chemicals China, SpectrumInfo.

Life Chemicals has become a fully integrated modern platform for industrial, academic and non-academic customers, providing early drug discovery services:

Life Chemicals has always been distinguished with its unique and innovative in-house chemistry, diversity, high quality and more than 90 % purity of products as well as its flexible business approach to guarantee optimum terms for its customers.

We do appreciate the Company’s recognition by the drug-discovery world that best inspires our team to develop innovative state-of-the-art chemistry and have a good vision for pioneering synthesis of tomorrow.

Starting the 25th Jubilee Year, offered is our hidden treasure: the Pre-selected Diverse Stock Set of novel compounds for high-throughput screening to give time and cost-efficient solutions for your R & D at a special 25 % discount.* This exclusive price will be in effect all year round! For more details and to explore the full data set, please send your request to orders@lifechemicals.com.

Special promotions and discounts on selected products will be announced! To stay updated, please, visit our web-site and follow us on LinkedIn.

*The offer is valid from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020 for any compounds from the Pre-selected Stock Set and does not sum up with other discounts or promotions. Cherry-picking is also possible. The offer does not extend to building blocks. Please, place a separate order for your selections, indicating the above-mentioned offer.