25 Years of Commitment to Chemistry of Discovery!

May 07, 2020

Life Chemicals story successfully began when Dr. Volodymyr Fetyukhin, the Company President and Owner, started his business in medicinal chemistry in 1995. A small research and development site, I.F. Lab, launched in Kyiv, Ukraine, made its first steps on the international market 25 years ago and laid a bedrock of today’s Life Chemicals Family, associating its younger members: Spoluka, Life Chemicals Europe, Life Chemicals USA, Life Chemicals China.

Life Chemicals has become a fully integrated modern platform for industrial, academic and non-academic customers, providing early drug discovery services:

Life Chemicals has always been distinguished with its unique and innovative in-house chemistry, diversity, high quality and more than 90 % purity of products as well as its flexible business approach to guarantee optimum terms for its customers.

We do appreciate the Company’s recognition by the drug-discovery world that best inspires our team to develop innovative state-of-the-art chemistry and have a good vision for pioneering synthesis of tomorrow.

Starting the 25th Jubilee Year, offered is our hidden treasure: the Pre-selected Diverse Stock Set of novel compounds for high-throughput screening to give time and cost-efficient solutions for your R & D at a special 25 % discount.* This exclusive price will be in effect all year round! For more details and to explore the full data set, please send your request to orders@lifechemicals.com.

Special promotions and discounts on selected products will be announced! To stay updated, please, visit our web-site and follow us on LinkedIn.

*The offer is valid from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020 for any compounds from the Pre-selected Stock Set and does not sum up with other discounts or promotions. Cherry-picking is also possible. The offer does not extend to building blocks. Please, place a separate order for your selections, indicating the above-mentioned offer.

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