Veterinary Focused Library

Veterinary drugs are important for maintaining health and productivity of agricultural and companion animals. Those drugs can be used for various purposes, such as therapeutic, prophylactic, growth promotion and others. Although there are many parallels between development of animal drugs and human drugs, there are also important differences. A modern veterinarian has a wide range of pharmaceuticals from which to choose in treatment and prevention of animal diseases: antimicrobial agents, anti-inflammatory agents, parasiticides, anesthetics and tranquilizers, and cancer chemotherapeutics. All are subject to governmental regulations which vary by country.

A new Life Chemicals Veterinary Focused Library is a product of choice for the area of animal science and veterinary medicine. It comprises compounds selected with 2D similarity search against a reference set of FDA approved veterinary drugs. The set (205 compounds) has been taken from DrugBank ( The similarity search has been done with Fragment Based Fingerprints and Tanimoto index > 0.75 against the Life Chemicals HTS Compound Collection (more than 500,000 screening compounds in total).

The resulting Veterinary Focused Library of 238 compounds includes full structural analogs or structurally similar compounds to those from the reference set of FDA approved veterinary drugs. For each compound, the similarity information (similarity value and corresponding reference compound from the DrugBank) is indicated.

Structures of approved veterinary drugs taken from DrugBank

Fig. 1. Examples of known veterinary drugs from DrugBank

Compound structure examples from the Life Chemicals Veterinary Focused Library.

Fig 2. Some representative compounds from the Life Chemicals Veterinary Focused Library.

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