Polymerase Focused Libraries

Polymerases are enzymes crucial for synthesis of nucleic acid polymers. Therefore, the family of these important proteins could be a valuable target for drug development and treatment of many diseases, primarily of bacterial and viral nature.

Life Chemicals presents the following Polymerase Focused Libraries designed with ligand-based approach:

1. Polymerase Focused Library – Similarity to ChEMBL Database

1,245 advanced stock compounds extracted by similarity search with Tanimoto index threshold 85 % against a reference set of 20,000 active compounds from the ChEMBL database displaying activity towards the following targets:

  • DNA polymerase beta
  • DNA polymerase iota
  • DNA polymerase eta
  • Poly [ADP-ribose]polymerase-1
2. Polymerase Focused Library – 15 polymerase assays

A list of 4,567 biologically active compounds (the reference compound set) from 15 polymerase assays representing the following polymerases was prepared, using the data available from patents and literature publications:

  • RNA polymerase beta subunit (EC
  • Ribonuclease HI (RNase HI) (Ribonuclease H) (RNase H)
  • DNA Polymerase III Holoenzyme
  • Measles Virus RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase
  • Reverse Transcriptases (HIV-1, HIV-2, West Nile Virus NS2bNS3)

The Life Chemicals Stock Collection has been searched for compounds similar to the ones included in the reference set using MDL public keys and the Tanimoto similarity cut-off 90 %. Output compounds were arranged in the order of their similarity to the reference set and predicted activity, having the most active compounds placed at the top of the list. As a result, 17,034 compounds were included into thePolymerase Focused Library based on 15 assays.