Pathway-based Screening Libraries

Many drug development strategies and virtual screening approaches have been developed with the focus on the identification and design of small-molecule inhibitors of a single protein target based on the strategy of “one disease, one target, one drug”. These single-target inhibitors are often susceptible to drug resistance owing to mutations in the protein binding sites and are ineffective for complex diseases such as cancers and neurodegenerative disorders.

In contrast, multitarget inhibitors can decrease the probability of drug resistance and enhance therapeutic efficiency. Meanwhile, their identification remains a challenge, as protein targets often have low sequence and structure similarities in their binding sites.

This challenge can be addressed by applying pathway-based screening strategies as an attractive solution for improving HTS hit rate and discovering multitarget inhibitors in early phase drug discovery efforts, thus elucidating protein-ligand binding mechanisms.

At Life Chemicals, we have designed proprietary screening compound libraries to target signaling and metabolic pathways for high-throughput screening in novel drug discovery projects. All the selected drug-like molecules were synthesized in-house and belong to the Life Chemicals HTS Compound Collection.

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