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Fes/c-Fes Tyrosine Protein Kinase Targeted Library

The non-receptor tyrosine kinase feline sarcoma oncogene (FES) and FES-related kinase (FER), due to their unique structural organization, comprise a special subfamily of protein-tyrosine kinases (PTKs). They signal downstream of several classes of receptors involved in regulating hematopoietic cell development, survival, migration, and inflammatory mediator release [1-2]. To clarify the roles of c-Fes as the dominant oncogene vs tumor suppressors depending upon the cellular context selective small molecule inhibitors are vitally important.

In this context the Life Chemicals cheminformatics team presents a new proprietary Fes/c-Fes Tyrosine Protein Kinase Targeted Library of over 1,100 drug-like screening compounds selected by molecular docking. The compound selection details are described below.

Additionally, we offer a related SH2 Domain Focused Library of 2,200 drug-like screening compounds with predicted affinity to these Src homology 2 domains, designed by a receptor-based approach: pharmacophore modeling using X-ray data of SH2-inhibitor complexes.

The compound selection can be customized based on your requirements, cherry picking is available.

Please, contact us at for any additional information and price quotations.

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Background information

Recently, FES/FER have been implicated in growth and survival signaling in leukemias driven by oncogenic KIT and FLT3 receptors. With a further definition of their roles in immune cells and their progenitors, FES/FER may emerge as relevant therapeutic targets in inflammatory diseases and leukemias [1].

The structural organization of c-Fes is distinct from other non-receptor tyrosine kinases, such as c-Src and c-Abl [4]. The unique N-terminal region features a Fes/CIP4 homology (FCH) domain, followed by two-coiled coil motifs, a central Src-homology 2 (SH2) domain, and a C-terminal kinase catalytic domain [3]. FES SH2 domain binds phosphorylated tyrosine residues and functions as a protein interaction domain, which may lead to further phosphorylation of the same ligand or other ligand-associated proteins.

Compound selection

The Fes/c-Fes Tyrosine Protein Kinase Targeted Library of 1,100 drug-like screening compounds that are potential modulators of tyrosine-protein kinases FES was selected from the proprietary HTS Compound Collection by means of molecular docking.

Key features:

  • Method: high-throughput virtual screening (docking), molecular fitting
  • X-Ray data used: 4E93
  • Constraints: no
  • Filters used: PAINS, toxic, reactive
  • Number of compounds selected: 1158

Spatial structure binding site of the complex of FES with lead docking molecule F6474-8027 (docking score = -8.738)

Figure 1. Spatial structure binding site of the complex of FES with lead docking molecule F6474-8027 (docking score = -8.738)


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