Helicase Focused Library

Helicases are ATP driven molecular motor proteins that catalyze unwinding of the duplex polynucleotides to provide two separate nucleic acid strands for replication, transcription, and recombination. These enzymes are present in all organisms from viruses and bacteria to mammals and are required for replication and/or repair of their respective genomes. Thus Helicases are an interesting therapeutic target class, being pursued for both infectious diseases and cancer.

To design its Helicase Focused Library, Life Chemicals Stock Collection was screened for compounds similar to chemical structures from a reference database of compounds using MDL public keys and Tanimoto similarity cut-off of 90 %. The reference database of 2,145 biologically active compounds from 7 Helicase assays representing the following Helicases was compiled using the data available from patents and literature publications:

  • NS3
  • Recq-Like Helicase in Complex With a DNA Substrate
  • BLM (Bloom syndrome, RecQ helicase-like)

1,000 similar compounds resulted from the screen became the Life Chemicals Helicase Focused Library, with the most active compounds placed at the top of the list.