Glutamate Receptors Focused Library

There are two broad categories of glutamate receptors: ionotropic receptors and metabotropic receptors. Ionotropic receptors are ligand gated channels whose agonists include AMPA, Kainate and NMDA.

To create this Glutamate Receptors Focused library, the compounds showing dose response activity (IC50, EC50, or Ki) on one of four types of Glutamate receptors were collected from the publications and patents. The activity cut-off was 5 uM:

  • Metabotropic Glutamate receptors – 2,276 reference compounds
  • Ionotropic Glutamate receptors – 6,396 reference compounds
  • AMPA – 1,302 reference compounds
  • NMDA – 4,418 reference compounds

Life Chemicals Stock Collection was searched for compounds similar to each of the known compounds using the 80 % similarity cut-off (Tanimoto) on MDL public keys fingerprints.

As a result, the following Glutamate Receptors Focused Library subsets were produced:

  • Metabotropic Glutamate receptors – 14,700 compounds
  • Ionotropic Glutamate receptors – 11,600 compounds
  • AMPA – 2,800 compounds
  • NMDA – 7,800 compounds