Anti-HCV Library

The hepatitis C virus belongs to the genus Hepacivirus, a member of the family Flaviviridae and it is known as one of the most dangerous diseases requiring a very expensive treatment. Three proteins of the viral capsid were used as targets for our search for potential agents against HCV.

A reference database of 3,486 biologically active compounds with confirmed potency in 22 HCV assays was compiled, using the data available from patents and literature publications. These compounds show activities in the following 3 targets of the virus:

  • NS3
  • Core protein
  • LYPLA1

The Life Chemicals HTS Compound Collection was searched for small molecules similar to compounds from the reference database using MDL public keys and the Tanimoto similarity cut-off of 90 %. This search resulted in a selection of almost 16,000 compounds that were included in the Life Chemicals Anti-HCV Library.