Anticancer Library

Search for chemotherapeutic cancer treatment is one of the most acute problems of modern pharmacology. To pursue this issue Life Chemicals has prepared its Anticancer Library using similarity search within its proprietary stock collection of HTS compounds against publicly available databases (ChEMBL and BindingDB) of the compounds possessing antitumor activity.

The Life Chemicals HTS Compound Collection was screened against 7,000 reference compounds with assigned activity values lower than 10,000 nM. Similarity search and 80 % similarity cut-off (Tanimoto) and PAINS / reactive group filtration gave over 700 compounds with potential inhibitory activity against the following cell lines:

  • MCF7
  • HCT-116
  • NCI/ADR-RES U-937
  • HeLa SF-295 M14 A549
  • BGC-823 SK-MEL-2 DU-145
  • Raji HT-29
  • NCI-H157 PC-3
  • Panel NCI-60 (60 carcinoma cell lines) NUGC-3
  • LOX IMVI A-375
  • SF-268 NCI-H460
  • MDA-MB-231 MOLT-4
  • HepG2 MGC-803
  • Lung cancer cell line LNCaP
  • HCC 2998
  • LoVo
  • CCRF-CEM T-24
  • SK-MEL-5 MDA-MB-435 KB
  • HL-60 Bel-7402 SF-539

The results could be traced back to the specific cell lines.