World Cancer Day 2019: Creating a Cancer-Free Future Together

January 22, 2019

Every year on 4th of February World Cancer Day raises awareness of cancer and encourages its prevention, detection and treatment. The collective voice and personal action of all of us who are relevant to targeting this global health problem is of great significance for reducing cancer caused illness and death.

Starting 2019, Life Chemicals sets new goals and endeavours to provide its support to all research professionals in academia and industry who are battling cancer.

Dedicated to the World Cancer Day during the whole month of February 2019 we offer a featured list of our cancer therapy-related products (Targeted and Focused Libraries) with 10 % discount.

The list of Targeted and Focused Libraries eligible for the 10 % discount:

  1. Anticancer Library
  2. CYP Inhibitors Focused Library
  3. Epigenetic Libraries
  4. GPCRs Targeted Library
  5. Helicase Focused Library
  6. Ion Channels Focused Libraries
  7. Kinase Libraries
  8. Matrix Metalloproteinase Focused Library
  9. Nuclear Receptors Targeted Library
  10. Phosphatase Focused Library
  11. PPI Libraries
  12. Protease Libraries

The discount is applied to the cost of any number of compounds ordered from the libraries listed above in the period between 1st and 28th of February, 2019. No minimum purchase is required.

Please Register to download files from the folder Targeted and Focused Screening Libraries in the Downloads Section and/or get access to our regularly updated products. For more details on our products and their price quotations please contact us at:

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