The newest set of 8,000 diverse molecules has been selected from our Library of Bioactive Compounds

January 11, 2018

The Life Chemicals Library of Bioactive Compounds contains 8,000 small molecules that have been tested in functional, binding and other biological assays and have confirmed their bioactivity in vitro and/or in vivo against various biological targets of pharmaceutical interest. The Library has been designed on the basis of ChEMBL database version 21.

Key features of the Library:

  • Every structure is supplied with a link to its Compound Report Card and Bioactivity summary;
  • Having been tested in more than 500 different assays the compounds from this set have confirmed their biological activity against almost 200 different biological targets;
  • The compounds are supplied as 50 uL of 10mM DMSO solutions in 384 well plates, 320 samples per plate;
  • All compounds are more than 90% pure;
  • Analytical data (LC-MS and/or NMR) are available for every sample;
  • Re-supply in larger amounts is guaranteed;
  • Total price for the library is USD 20,000.00 (USD 2.50 per compound).

Please click herehere to download file.

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