Rare Disease Day 2023

February 28, 2023

Today is Rare Disease Day, the globally-coordinated movement on rare diseases, working towards equity in social opportunity, traditionally held on the last day of February every year.

Rare diseases (those that affect less than 1 person in 2,000 in their lifetime) comprise over 7,000 disorders, varied in their origin (often genetic) and symptoms. Owing to the broad diversity of such medical problems and relatively common symptoms which can hide underlying rare diseases, initial misdiagnosis is common. Despite the acute need, only a small fraction of known atypical illnesses are treated with approved medications.

Willing to assist in further advances of drug discovery for rare diseases, Life Chemicals offers the following extensive set of targeted screening libraries related to such disorders: 

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Custom compound selection based on specific parameters can be performed on request, with competitive pricing and the most convenient terms provided.

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