Pre-selected Diverse Stock Set at a special 25 % discount!

June 01, 2020

Starting the 25th Jubilee Year, offered is our hidden treasure: the Pre-selected Diverse Stock Set of novel compounds for high-throughput screening to give time and cost-efficient solutions for your R & D at a special 25 % discount.*

This exclusive price will be in effect all year round to honor our customers and commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Life Chemicals! For more details and to explore the full data set, please, send your request to

* The offer is valid from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020 for any compounds from the Pre-selected Stock Set and does not sum up with other discounts or promotions. Cherry-picking is also possible. The offer does not extend to building blocks. Please, place a separate order for your selections, indicating the above-mentioned offer.

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