Newly Updated Collection of Fragment Libraries for FBDD

February 09, 2023

We are happy to announce that our cheminformatics team has completely updated the Life Chemicals Collection of Fragment Libraries with freshly-synthesized novel fragment-like screening compounds.

In total, our remarkable chemical team designs and synthesizes over 25,000 unique organic molecules annually to add into the proprietary Screening Compound Catalog.

The selected fragments possess a wide range of chemical structure dissimilarity and are compliant with in-house MedChem and PAINS structural filters. Specific fragment subsets, such as fluorinated and brominated compounds, Fsp³-enriched molecules, and potential covalent binders, are offered to provide the most suitable solutions for various FBDD campaigns.

Please, contact us at for any additional information and price quotations.

The compound selection can be customized based on your requirements, cherry picking is available.

Explore our Pre-plated Fragment Screening Sets.

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