Life Chemicals is excited to attend EFMC-ISMC & EFMC-YMCS Virtual Poster Session

September 07, 2020

We are happy to introduce our posters presented on the event website during September 7-11 or in a poster section:

  • P096 Covalent Fragments Development for Cysteine Drug Discovery

  • P097 Identification of New Cantharidin Derivatives in Search of Novel Potential Inhibitors of Protein Phosphatases 2 and 5 (PP2A, PP5)

Our experts Olga Balabon and Anna Zaitseva are looking forward to e-meeting you via live chat on Sept 9 to discuss how our early drug discovery services and novel screening compound libraries can boost your drug discovery and medicinal chemistry projects.


Olga Balabon

Head of Corporate Marketing  

Anna Zaitseva

Marketing and Sales Manager 


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