I.F. Lab/Life Chemicals at Midterm Workshop on Microelements in Cardiovascular Aging, a EU Project

Engaged in the MILEAGE Project is I.F. Lab, a part of Life Chemicals, whose representative Dr. Andrew Golub delivered a report on “Computational Drug Discovery in Ion Transport” at the Midterm Workshop on Microelements in Cardiovascular Aging held on April 8-10, 2019 in the University of West Indies (Kingston, Jamaica). With an objective to provide updates on the project deliverables and outline a roadmap for the way forward, the workshop agenda included project progress discussions, secondment proposals and scientific presentations. We thank the local Jamaican organizing committee for their excellent job and for a pleasant stay in this beautiful country.


Microelements in Life Expectancy and Ageing (H2020‐RISE 2016‐734931 MILEAGE) www.rise-mileage.eu is a project that has its roots in both nutrition and in cell biology. Its aim is to show how the processes of ageing can impact on zinc and copper homeostasis at a cellular level, from the gut mucosal cells to the pancreatic and liver cells, which are key homeostatic gatekeepers for controlling body metal absorption and excretion. The gut microbiota may also have an impact on metal bioavailability and, conversely, metal availability in the gut may have an impact on microbial biodiversity in ageing.