Find your drug candidates among our 2.5 million of Tangible Screening Compounds

February 22, 2021

Life Chemicals is presenting its recent proprietary collection of more than 2,5 million novel tangible molecules to be readily synthesized to customers’ orders.

The Tangible Compound Collection has been designed, applying very promising drug-like scaffolds to facilitate the development of hits and leads in the most challenging drug discovery programs.

Please, contact us at for details and price quotations. Explore the whole set of virtual screening compounds on the product page.

Are you planning to start your screening campaign the soonest? Needing readily available in stock compounds delivered to your door within just a few days? Then our HTS Compound Collection sure is the best choice! Do a rewarding search among more than 500,000 original drug-like small molecules!

Also, take advantage of other unique products and explore our Targeted and Focused Screening Libraries, Pre-plated Diversity Sets, and Pre-plated Focused Libraries.

For researchers trying to find reliable outsourcing, we can offer custom synthesis of individual compounds and compound libraries based on our proprietary scaffold collection or scaffolds listed/required by the customer.

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