Collection of Fluorine Fragment Cocktails

We are thrilled to announce our unique collection of 130 Fluorine Fragment Cocktails for 19F NMR-assisted screening in fragment-based drug discovery!

The fragment-like molecules contain predominantly single-type fluorine groups and are pooled in sets of 10 fragments with significantly different 19F chemical shifts to facilitate efficient NMR result interpretation without their interfering with each other. The solubility of each compound in DSMO and PBS was proven experimentally.

Additionally, we offer the full Fluorine Fragment Library of over 7,300 drug-like fluorinated fragments. Moreover, the entire collection of our Fragment Libraries containing 51,000 drug-like fragments is readily available in stock!

The compound selection can be customized based on your requirements, cherry picking is available.

Please, contact us at for any additional information and price quotations.

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