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17 January 2023
Alexander Shivanyuk
DSc, Professor
Chief Scientific Officer

Resorcinarenes [1] are known to be versatile macrocyclic platforms for many covalent and supramolecular assemblies serving a variety of applications, e.g., ion-channel mimics [2], catalysis [3], and drug delivery [4]. Parent resorcin[4]arenes 1 (Fig. 1) form capsular complexes in solution and self-assemble at interfaces. Upon proper functionalization, resorcin[4]arenes turn into their rigidified derivatives called cavitands, such as 4 [5] and closed-shell compounds termed carcerands [6]. These compounds are capable of reversible or irreversible binding of different molecular guests.

It should be pointed out that the isolation of highly unstable cyclobuta-1,3-diene at room temperature inside a carcerand [7] is one of the most impressive examples of resorcin[4]arene applications. Regioselective acylation of resorcin[4]arenes gives tetrasubstituted compounds 2 [8]. Tetraphosphates 2a and tetraaroylates 2b were shown to form capsular dimeric complexes with cationic guests [9]. Tetrasulfonates 2c (in which Ar = 2-naphthyl) assemble into UV-polymerizable monolayers at the air/water interface [10], while distally bridged tetrasulfonates were suggested as templates for asymmetric catalysis [11]. Aminomethylated resorcin[4]arene derivatives 3 form kinetically stable complexes with halide anions [12] and small molecules, e.g., acetonitrile [13].

Life Chemicals offers highly effective custom synthesis of functionalized resorcin[4]- and [6]arene derivatives, such as the ones shown in Fig. 1. For more structural examples, see the relevant references.

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Figure 1. Representative structures of the resorcinarenes, available upon request from Life Chemicals.


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17 January 2023, 15:49 Alexander Shivanyuk Custom synthesis

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