Computational Chemistry

World Alzheimer’s Day 2020

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most obstinate medical problems. Existing medications fail to stop the progression of dementia, and numerous drug discovery programs have shown low success rates. Life Chemicals offers CNS-related Screening Libraries and a dedicated Alzheimer’s Targeted Compound Set to support Alzheimer’s drug development programs.

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21 september 2020, 11:09    Svitlana Kondovych Computational Chemistry

World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2020

Lymphoma is a blood cancer caused by the rampant growth of white blood cells. In response to World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2020, Life Chemicals presents the Lymphoma-targeted Set, Anticancer Library and a collection of small molecules for HTS drug discovery against cancer-related targets.

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14 september 2020, 15:01    Svitlana Kondovych Computational Chemistry

Using Descriptor Cutoffs and Multiparameter Optimization for Preparation of CNS Targeted Libraries

The most significant factor that constrains the discovery of new CNS drugs is the limited blood-brain barrier penetrability. Among the most widely employed techniques to explain and predict CNS-related pharmacokinetic properties are the CNS multiparameter optimization (MPO) and the “Golden Triangle” rule.

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01 september 2020, 12:11    Svitlana Kondovych Computational Chemistry

Screening Libraries for Parkinson’s Disease

Discovery of novel drugs capable of stopping or slowing down the progression of neurodegenerative symptoms of Parkinson's disease still remains a task to be solved. Joining the World Brain Day 2020, Life Chemicals provides a selection of potential inhibitors and targeted libraries for research in the area related to Parkinson’s disease treatment.

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18 august 2020, 10:16    Andrew Golub Computational Chemistry

World Hepatitis Day 2020

The WHO marks World Hepatitis Day every year on July, 28th to urge all countries to contribute to the elimination of viral hepatitis. Dedicated to this event, Life Chemicals offers its Anti-HCV Library together with selected screening libraries comprising potential inhibitors of hepatitis-related targets to facilitate anti-hepatitis drug discovery efforts.

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27 july 2020, 19:12    Svitlana Kondovych Computational Chemistry