Computational Chemistry

Key Events in Epigenetic Drug Discovery

Epigenetics is an exciting research field with vast clinical implications. At Life Chemicals, we have recently updated and re-designed our Epigenetic Targeted and Focused Libraries with an emphasis on most-promising epigenetic-related targets and ligands in response to epigenetic drug discovery trends.

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12 april 2021, 17:21    Andrew Golub Computational Chemistry

Rare Disease Day 2021

Rare Disease Day is celebrated annually on the last day of February. Willing to assist in further findings related to drug discovery for rare diseases, Life Chemicals offers the extensive set of targeted libraries: Anti-inflammatory Library, Protease Targeted Library, Ion Channel Screening Libraries and many more.

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26 february 2021, 18:00    Svitlana Kondovych Computational Chemistry

World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day 2021

World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day was launched in 2020 aiming to mobilize the global efforts for addressing NTD-targeted research and drug development. Striving to support the progress in the treatment of NTDs, Life Chemicals offers its related screening compound libraries for HTS.

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28 january 2021, 17:53    Svitlana Kondovych Computational Chemistry

World AIDS Day 2020

The ultimate goal of defeating HIV and AIDS motivates the continuous search for novel medicines and strategies. To support the promising course of small-molecule drug design for antiretroviral treatment, Life Chemicals offers a set of Anti-HIV Screening Libraries.

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30 november 2020, 18:20    Svitlana Kondovych Computational Chemistry

Protein-protein Interactions as Drug Targets

Protein-protein interactions are promising but challenging druggable targets for novel drug discovery. Recently, effective small-molecule inhibitors have been discovered for several important PPIs. Herein, Life Chemicals presents its updated PPI Screening Libraries of potential small-molecule drug-like PPI inhibitors.

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26 october 2020, 12:58    Andrew Golub Computational Chemistry
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