Discover Novel Functionalized Pyrimidines

Pyrimidine derivatives are by far the most important compounds in living organisms, including subunits of RNA, DNA and many natural antibiotics. Despite a large number of marketed pyrimidine-based drugs and agrochemicals, functionalized pyrimidines are still heavily employed as building blocks in drug discovery programs.

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Original Functionalized Pyrazoles For Drug Discovery

Pyrazole fragment is found in many low-molecular weight compounds possessing a wide range of biological activities and materials science related properties. Life Chemicals offers a set of novel functionalized pyrazoles that are perfectly suited for the use in drug discovery and organic synthesis.

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Specific Covalent Inhibitors for Drug Discovery

Compounds bearing a carbonyl group conjugated with a carbon-carbon double bond are important subunits of biologically active species and monomers for functional polymers. Recent interest in these compounds is associated with the design of covalent inhibitors, which represent promising drugs for the treatment of thrombosis and various cancers. Life chemicals offers structurally diverse compounds, bearing carbon-carbon double bonds activated by either carbonyl or sulfo-groups.

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Functionalized Naphthalenes For Diverse Applications

In view of a high relevance of the naphthalene moiety in drug discovery and materials development, Life Chemicals designed novel naphthalene-based building blocks with controllable substitution patterns and variable functional groups.

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Oligohalogenated Arylaldehydes for Drug Discovery Projects

Mono-, di-, tri-, tetra-, and penta-halogenated benzene rings are substructures of numerous approved and experimental drugs, agrochemicals and natural products. The halogenated compounds generally have higher biological activity and membrane permeability compared to their non-halogenated congeners.

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