Rare Disease Day 2021

Rare Disease Day is celebrated annually on the last day of February. Willing to assist in further findings related to drug discovery for rare diseases, Life Chemicals offers the extensive set of targeted libraries: Anti-inflammatory Library, Protease Targeted Library, Ion Channel Screening Libraries and many more.

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26 february 2021, 18:00    Svitlana Kondovych Computational Chemistry

Boost your Research with our Original Cyclopropanes

Small and lipophilic cyclopropane rings are finding increasingly sophisticated use in pharmaceuticals. We offer a proprietary collection of subsituted cyclopropane derivatives for intorduction of conformational constraints into small molecules and peptide ligands in drug discovery efforts.

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15 february 2021, 14:45    Oleg Lukin Building Blocks

World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day 2021

World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day was launched in 2020 aiming to mobilize the global efforts for addressing NTD-targeted research and drug development. Striving to support the progress in the treatment of NTDs, Life Chemicals offers its related screening compound libraries for HTS.

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28 january 2021, 17:53    Svitlana Kondovych Computational Chemistry

We Prepared a Set of Functionalized 1,3-Thiazoles to Power Up Your Research

The structural unit of substituted 1,3-thiazole is ubiquitous in natural products and synthetic materials, while thiazole moiety is a privileged scaffold in drug discovery.

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18 january 2021, 15:55    Oleg Lukin Building Blocks

Explore Our Novel Cyclobutane Derivatives

Сyclobutanes are heavily exploited in organic synthesis as subunits for natural product preparation, ring-opening, and ring-contraction reactions. In medicinal chemistry, the introduction of a cyclobutane fragment is often used to achieve a conformational restriction.

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14 december 2020, 17:28    Oleg Lukin Building Blocks
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