C-Substituted Pyrrolidines from Life Chemicals Inspiring Your Drug Discovery Endeavour!

Pyrrolidines are an important class of heterocycles found in numerous natural products, bioactive molecules and organocatalysts. In view of this, Life Chemicals designed its original pyrrolidine-based building blocks to inspire organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry projects.

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Take a Closer Look at Our Original Functionalized Pyridazines!

The structural unit of substituted pyridazine is present in many biologically active compounds and a lot of research is now focused on the synthesis of novel pyridazine-based building blocks and combinatorial libraries.

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Advanced Functionalized Pyrazines for Applications in Drug Discovery and Materials Science

Pyrazine substructure is present in many biologically and technologically relevant compounds. Substituted pyrazines are widely used as pharmaceuticals, while pyrazine-based polymers and other light-responsive materials are of high interest for technological applications.

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Rational Design and Custom Synthesis of Functionally Diverse Sulfonimide-based Dendrimers

Life Chemicals is offering rational design and custom synthesis of functionalized sulfonimide-based dendrimers, based on over 100 in-stock functionalized arylsulfonyl chlorides for diverse applications (materials science, diagnostics and healing, etc.)

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Discover Novel Functionalized Pyrimidines

Pyrimidine derivatives are by far the most important compounds in living organisms, including subunits of RNA, DNA and many natural antibiotics. Despite a large number of marketed pyrimidine-based drugs and agrochemicals, functionalized pyrimidines are still heavily employed as building blocks in drug discovery programs.

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