Fine Chemicals by Spectrum Info

Spectrum Info Ltd., a part of Life Chemicals Inc., is a contract research organization (ISO 9001:2015 certified) that provides premium quality fine chemicals and functional dyes.

Our products

  • Functional dyes
    • NIR Solvent soluble dyes
    • Fluorescent dyes capable of covalent binding
    • AgHal sensitizers
    • J-aggregated dyes
  • Building blocks for molecular preorganization
  • Combinatorial building blocks
  • Fine chemicals

Our services and expertise

Spectrum Info offers its excellent synthetic capacities and skills in custom synthesis and contract research, covering all aspects of lab-scale organic and medicinal chemistry. The services provided include:

  • Multistep synthesis of complex organic molecules in mg to kg scale
  • Synthesis of element-organic compounds (phosphorus-, fluorine-, sulfur-containing)
  • Synthesis with the use of organometallic reagents and transition-metal catalysed reactions
  • Synthesis of reference compounds and small compound libraries
  • Fluorine-containing 3D Molecular Toolkit
  • Synthetic procedure development
  • Process optimization and scale-up
  • Collaborative or contract research projects to develop and synthesize new compounds for specific applications

Please contact us at:
Phone: +380 44 391 66 16