In Vitro ADMET Tests by Key Preclinicals

The Key Preclinicals laboratory, a part of Life Chemicals, provides a highly-efficient and solid framework of services to companies and academic institutions working in the field of pharmaceutical and biotech research.

Available among our products is a variety of in vitro ADMET tests of product candidates to facilitate drug development projects with the most attractive efficiency and timeline:

  • Solubility: HT (Thermodynamic and Kinetic Methods)
  • LogP and LogD
  • Permeability evaluation (Caco-2, MDCK)
  • Plasma Protein Binding Assay (Equilibrium Dialysis and Bio-mimetic Chromatography)
  • Volume of distribution (log Vss)
  • Unbound volume of distribution
  • Brain tissue binding
  • Lung tissue binding
  • Thrombin inhibition assay
  • Proteinase inhibition assays

We would be happy to facilitate your drug discovery project of any kind with our wide range of tests and top-notch expertise. Please, contact us at:


Alexey Poyarkov, PhD
Head of Physicochemical Laboratory
Phone: +38 044 391 6618
Fax: : +38 044 574 1417
Cell: +38 067 288 2880

Andrew Golub, PhD
Medicinal Chemist, Representative in North America
Phone/Fax: +1 800 401 1533

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